You May Enter Beyoncé’s Royal Court with MasterCard #Beyoncé #MC


Want a pair of tickets to the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour? You may be asking, “Is this a trick question?” No it is not! And of course you do. Being in Mrs. Carter’s Court: Priceless.


I must admit, I respect Beyoncé as one of the hardest working women in showbiz and have been itching to see her in concert. Anyone I know who’s ever had the satisfaction of attending a Beyoncé concert always raves about it afterwards. And it just so happens that the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour is happening during my birthday week! Which makes sense, as Leo is the sign of royalty.

Well if you’re a MasterCard holder like I am, then it is surely our lucky day, as you and I can sign up for a chance to see The Mrs. Carter Show from Queen B’s outer court, plus create a personalized crest to share with friends. By doing so, you have a chance at tickets or to purchase the MasterCard Priceless VIP Package or Run the World MasterCard Priceless Package. The deadline to enter via the link is 7/8 5:00pm ET so move swiftly!


The sign up process is easy and painless. Just fill out your name, email, zip code, and choose where you would like to see Beyoncé to have your Priceless Moment.

I was also able to create a crest that I can use on my Facebook profile or even here on YGL. The crests available are very elegant and make me feel like I’m part of the royal court.

You can now call me Countess Yoli Ouiya of Manhattan Gardens.

And if you just can’t wait to ensure your presence in the Royal Court, you can purchase MasterCard Priceless VIP Packages.

Let’s cross our fingers and toes (and eyes) for a chance to go!

P.S. If you’re in NY or NJ, SIGN UP NOW as availability goes lives at 12pm today!
“Come back on June 19th at 12:00PM ET for your chance to see Beyoncé live at The Mrs. Carter Show courtesy of MasterCard in Brooklyn, NY or East Rutherford, NJ. Limited quantities available on a first come, first serve basis for MasterCard cardholders only.”


YGL staff