Eileen Fisher Gets Really Fashionably Sustainable

For years, I’ve appreciated and admired the commitment of Eileen Fisher to producing eco-clothing. But not only did they do integrate it with their already existing, conventional line, they took it 10 steps further by sourcing some locally made designs and sourcing certified fabrics. Total kudos to Eileen Fisher for being a pioneer of eco-friendly clothing standards that are in alignment with the utmost quality of product and the sustaining farmers and supply chain workers who produce the fabrics and clothing.


But an even bigger surprise for us at YGL is their new Spring 2014 collection which touts there biggest eco season ever. With over 50% of their total eco collection, 70% of the cotton used in the collection is organic as well as 63% of their spring linen is organic.


The new Spring 2014 EILEEN FISHER eco collection is filled with soft, organic cotton that serves as the basis for everything from flowy jersey tops to stretchy denim and lightweight twill voile. The collection also features organic linens and hemp, perfect for warmer weather; biodegradable and eco-friendly tencel; recycled fabrics; and Bluesign certified silks—China silks that are dyed and finished using fewer chemicals, less water, and less energy.


The price point is a tad higher than what you may be accustomed to paying for mid-range designer clothing. But based on evidence, EF clothing stands the test of time. And with these new eco-friendly fabrics, this is certainly the case. Quality over quantity exudes in the collection.

Here are some of my fav pieces.

Cropped Jean Jacket in Organic Cotton Stretch Denim

Stand Collar Short Zip Front Jacket in Organic Linen

Bateau Neck 3/4-Sleeve Top in Linear Tencel Knit

Harem Pant in Organic Cotton Hemp Twist

Another ingenious plan by EF is that there isn’t a separate “eco” section in stores. The entire collection is integrated so there is no “other” collection; It is all just Eileen Fisher. This is super important to create the standardization of the message that eco should be and is the future normal/conventional. YaY!


An added bonus: When you see this ampersand symbol on EF clothing, you can visit eileenfiher.com/ampersand to discover the story and journey of your garment.

I am so proud of Eileen Fisher and her team for really showing how eco could and should be done. Hopefully the rest of the fashion industry takes notice because this is the trend that will last and the direction it needs to head in. To view the entire collection, visit EileenFisher.com.


YGL staff