Green Living Tips For New Parents

Are you a new mom or dad searching for some eco-friendly living baby steps? With mixed feelings of excitement, trepidation, and plenty of questions of the who, how, what, and where you’ve completed the most extensive part of the journey of having the baby.

You may already have started or have considered some things. Being green simply means getting as close to nature as possible, while minimizing waste, living consciously, and being gentle to yourself and the environment.

Below are an array of easy and simple tidbits to support you:

If breastfeeding is an option, you will not only be giving your baby the best nutrients, but you will also be saving a lot of waste from formula containers, bags and bottles.


When choosing bottles, avoid plastic especially those made from Bisphenol (BPA), PVC, and Melamine. All three may release toxic breakdown into food, particularly when heated. When possible, opt for shatter resistant glass and/or stainless steel baby bottles.

Homemade Food
There are many benefits when you invest time in preparing homemade baby food. It not only saves you money, as your not paying for packaging, you can make as little or as much as you need which eliminates waste. Homemade baby food can be pre-pared and stored in your freezer. And your in charge of quality control since you know exactly what ingredients are being used and no preservatives are used. It also allows you to experiment and get to know what foods you baby likes or dislikes.

Where available and feasible, choose organic fruits, vegetables, and grains. If pre-prepared baby food is your choice, look for natural and organic brands that are more readily available in many stores.

Natural Cleaning Products
Whether you have to clean your baby’s mess on the floor or on the carpet, using toxic products can not only be damaging to the environment but to your baby’s very sensitive lungs and skin. Use eco-friendly products or make your own cleaners using affordable ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemons.

Skincare Products

This cleaning sentiment should also extend to the skincare you choose for your baby, as he or she has delicate skin. Our bodies absorb up to 70% of what goes onto the skin and enters the bloodstream. As skin conditions, allergies, and immune issues continue to increase, take on the habit of reading labels to avoid toxic ingredients.. Look for products without dyes, fragrance, parabens, and phthalates and choose products that are natural and organic.

By taking on these baby steps, optimal health, wellness, and awareness will become a lifelong habit for you and your family.

Originally posted on Huffington Post


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