Green Your Spring Cleaning with Duane Reade

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As the weather continues to flip flop here in good ole New York City, the spirit to cleanse of snow storms past to welcome the spring in gets stronger. And what better way to open the doors of flowers in bloom, warmer weather, and purging then by spring cleaning. Alas, you know on YGL, we focus on the green, pun intended.

imageThe cleaning aisle is always a tad daughting. So many options with little to no pre-shopping research done. So follow me down the aisle as I find the best options to get the cleaning party started.

delish-snacks1. Spring cleaning doesn’t just involve washing everything in sight. Let’s turn it into a party. Have some snacks like these trail mixes from Nice and Delish on hand to quick breaks in between the clean fest.

ology-detergent2. Next we will purge old clothes. If you haven’t worn it in 3 years, it is time to move on. Wash clothing that needs to be washed using Ology laundry detergent and fabric softener.

ology-spray3. Now to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Use Ology multipurpose spray, bathroom spray, and glass cleaner. I already have the multipurpose, so I opted for the glass cleaner as my windows deserve some attention after all the mega snow storms added to build up.

image 4. Next up, I’ll refresh my curtains with this easy to use, non-toxic odor eliminator. I also spray my comforter and allow it to dry before storing it for the spring/summer.

image 5. Out with the old bulbs and in with the new CFL eco-friendly bulbs that not only bring new light but save you some cash long term.

Here are some other little tidbits I find to freshen up for spring.
LED lights to place in dark areas like under the kitchen counter and closets.



For anyone who follows YGL, some would say I have an obsession with Ology tree free toilet paper and paper towels. I’d say perhaps you’re correct. Replace your conventional toiletries and you’ll never know the difference.


I am switching out any residual plastic hangers with these Apt 5 wooden hangers.

Now that I’ve shared my easy, sitting cleaning checklist with you, it’s time you get your own! To find the closest Duane Reade, check out their store locator. And the team behind @duanereade on twitter are super helpful and check the hashtags #DRSpringTime #CollectiveBias to see how other VIPs are leaping into spring. You can also follow along on Facebook.


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