Here’s What To Look For When Building Or Buying A Green Home

Green living is more than the new on-trend fade. Along with living a healthier lifestyle, it includes reducing overall consumption, especially with energy and resources. The majority of which can be done when you are choosing or building your home.

Although many people think, “I’ll just put solar energy on my house and it’s automatically green,” it isn’t quite that simple. A series of considerations and steps must be taken so sustainability exists throughout the home from infrastructure to appliances. Keep these questions on your eco-home cheat sheet to ensure a journey to a truly, green life will be paved with eco-friendliness: Is it sourced from renewable or recycled materials? It is efficient? Will this give me the maximum durability?

The first step is making sure you have an efficient heating and cooling system, which in turn reduces your overall need for electricity.

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YGL staff