Refresh Your Closet with Swapdom

One of the most eco-friendly ways to refresh your wardrobe is by shopping at thrift stores; making what’s old new again. You can also got to swap parties or swapping events like the NY Swap Team. But what if you could do so without ever having to leave home? Welcome Swapdom, a digital way to refresh your wardrobe by shopping in other people’s closet. This is a perfect way to really spring clean your closet!

How It Works

Swapdom – How it works from Swapdom on Vimeo.

SWAPDOM Presskit Presentation

  • Their special algorithm organizes party swaps for you (e.g. A gives to B, B gives to C, and so on, until X gives to A), so you get what you want without having to negotiate.
  • Their multiway swapping system guarantees everyone gets a fair exchange without having to worry about valuations.
  • Their dedicated mail carrier provides transparency and makes shipping easy.
  • All swappers pay for shipping before swaps are finalized. Our top notch swapper rating system adds a second layer of accountability.
  • Get something you value in exchange for items you love but would like to pass on to someone new.
  • Add alternate items when making requests and offers to maximize your swap’s success

But the swapping doesn’t stop with women’s clothing. You can swap shoes, accessories, men’s clothing, and even stuff for the kiddies!
I’ve swapped many times, with my sisters, friends, etc and I have hosted swapping events. So I’m all about swapdom.

What I’m Swapping

Here are some of the items on my Swapdom Profile:

Bebop Stripped Dress
Bebop Stripped Dress

Angie Graphic Jumpsuit
Angie Graphic Jumpsuit

Cynthia Steffe Maxi Dress
Cynthia Steffe Maxi Dress

Here are some times for for choosing which pieces to give away:

  1. If you haven’t worn it in over 3 years, it is time to swap it.
  2. You bought it, it doesn’t fit, and you keep hoping one day you’ll magically get it altered at the tailored…swap it.
  3. You don’t like the way it looks on you but don’t want to waste by throwing it away… swap it.

The lesson is there is always someone who could use what you don’t need, want, or have room for. And there is a giveaway to boot (pun intended).

Giveaway: Win An Etsy Givecard!

How to Enter
Think of a spring trend you want to try.

Find a Swapdom item that represents the trend.

Fill in this sentence with your chosen trend: “This spring, I dare to wear ______. #Swapdom #BefriendATrend

Use their sharing buttons to share the item on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest, and use your sentence from step 3 as a caption to make your entry (or entries!) official. This and next week is the last chance to enter. Winners for each week will be announced the following Monday.

You must be registered with Swapdom to win and there is no limit to the amount of times you can enter! Winners for each week will be announced the following Monday, beginning March 10th.

For the entire month of March, Swapdom is giving away one $25 $50 Etsy gift card per week to one lucky, randomly selected person who shares a Swapdom item that embodies the spring trend they most want to try.

Let’s get Swapping!

This post has been sponsored and all opinions are 100% my own.


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