Healthy Ways to Meet New People

In any major city, it seems like there is always something to do, somewhere to go, and some place to be seen. But at times, meeting new people it Is still a continuous challenge. If you are a healthy minded person, and want to find people who are like-minded, especially in New York, where can one go? Here some new adventures to get into around the city where you will surely meet those seeking the same.

Food Makes Everything Better

As the great chef Julia Child said once, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Food is one of the ultimate common denominator connectors. YellowChair presents a series of curated foodie events to not only explore new culinary creations but also make new friends.

On a summer night on the quintessential rooftop at the Hyatt hotel in Midtown, a group of strangers connected to explore food and wine. A bartender hosted a guided tasting of delicious sangrias and rosés while tasting a variety seafood tapas and made to order ceviches.


As dusk turned to evening, this city glowed as the back drop and conversations became fluid and effortless all while making the acquaintance of people you may not have met outside of that moment. The ceviche bar encompassed ingredients such as cod, avocado, grilled shrimp, pineapple, and more. A decadent evening of fresh ingredients and invigorated palettes opened the way to exchange numbers and emails with new acquaintances.

Fitness Minded Folks Think Alike

Have you ever been en route to wherever your destination was and saw a large group of people jogging in unison past you? And sometimes in that group you spot the one (or several) hot guy(s)? Case made.

Friends playing in waves on beach
Friends playing in waves on beach

By joining a fitness group whether is be a daily jogging group training for their next 5k or a bootcamp meet-up, there is a window of opportunity. Being amongst a group of peers who also are there to get there butts into shape can forge new bonds, accountability partners, and potential friendships.

A myriad of resources are available such as the Road Runners of America Club search engine to fnd a running club. Facebook hosts thousands of fitness groups. Simply type in the fitness routine keywords that match your intentions and select groups to start your search. It is easy to get lost going down that rabbit hole of so many options. Start by choosing 3 groups that stand out and give it a few weeks to determine which ones work for you.

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