Toyota Scores Touchdown Sustainably and Healthfully

A tailgate is a party you don’t want to miss. If you have never been, then you have never seen – what you are missing. Add it to your bucket list ASAP. Taking place in sports stadium parking lots, with an abundance of food, drinks and friends (old & new).

Toyota brought the party to the crowds with their renowned annual healthy tailgate on December 6th 2014. This year’s FUN-raiser was hosted by: founder of the Toyota Green Initiative Coalition – Jim Colon; VP of African-American Business Strategy at Toyota and the TGI members –  YGL founder Yoli Ouiya; Lance Gross, Pandora Thomas, Will Witherspoon, Lake Louise, Zakiya Harris & Stephen Graddick.

TGI serves as an environmental awareness program targeting members of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle.

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Lance Gross (Actor) & Will Witherspoon (former NFL player turned sustainable farmer) showed that there are no ends to their talents. Preparing chicken skewers to the watching crowds.

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Taking to the grill with Lance, Stephen (student ambassador) helped cook and spread invaluable advice of how to make small businesses sustainable.
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Yoli Ouiya took the stage to share her gospel of Green Technology featuring The House of Marley headphones and Aerogrow Gardens. “I focused on these products because they both promote sustainability from the materials used to the benefits they provide. Quality and sustainability matter and when you can have both, it’s a win for everybody,” says Yoli.









The founders of Earthseed Consulting – Zakiya & Pandora helped showcase easy & budget friendly home products. Explaining how they can be prepared by using simple ingredients found in most home pantries, whilst also advising on which ingredients to avoid and why.




Lake Louise, eco beauty guru, not only showed her face at the event but more importantly SHOWED how to make safe & sustainable face and beauty products.


Toyota showcased their full fleet of hybrid cars including the 2015 Toyota Highlander.

Putting the pedal to the metal. People in attendance had the opportunity to put the power into their phones, using their leg power to charge their phones batteries. Producing and using energy – the perfect equilibrium.

Join Toyota and the TGI members at their next stop February 26th-28th in Charlotte, North Carolina during the CIAA Tournament.


All photos by Soul Brother.


YGL staff