Cleansing from the Inside Out at Deer Lake Lodge

Deer Lake Lodge, marketed as an “Exclusive Texas Health Spa,” is more than your average luxury spa experience. If you are yet to be converted into a health spa devotee, this is the place for you to visit.  

deer lake
View from the veranda at Deer Lake Lodge

Undo some of the damage caused by your lifestyle

Located in Montgomery, Texas, the health spa is just outside of Houston, but worlds away from the city in a chic but remote rustic environment. The entire campus is constructed with beautifully designed shipping containers, a personal dream project of mine. It offers programs designed around both relaxation and weight-loss. A spa experience here is said to help visitors undo some of the damage caused by unhealthy eating habits, poor food choices and overconsumption. A Deer Lake Lodge experience allows visitors complete rest and relaxation. The aim is to purge all the toxins from the body while also receiving education on holistic treatments that can be used at home. Prevention is always better than a cure.

What makes Deer Lake Lodge special?

What makes Deer Lake Lodge so much more special is its holistic ritual and colonics packages. The site offers an array of the usual spa indulgences, including massages, facials, lip and eye treatments, manicures/pedicures, body scrubs, and more.

Visitors are encouraged to pre-fast before a visit, allowing the body to prepare for the cleansing process. Additionally, detox programs can be personalized, so every visitor can have an experience individualized for their body.

deer lake iridology
Deer Lake iridology

Detox meal program that includes yoga

The detoxing program consists of a liquid and supplement diet, and meals are guided by expert staff. Surprisingly, despite the lack of solid food, the diet results in participants feeling energized, refreshed, and relaxed. On-site activities also assist further with the relaxation, some of the activities include yoga, meditation, and health-related classes.  Morning cleansing drinks followed by yoga classes is a recipe for a successful day, and this is the daily ritual on the detox program. The practice of yoga during a fast encourages the body to accelerate its rate of disposing of waste.

External skin detox

The Harmonizing Deer Lake Lodge Ritual was one that sparked my interest. It is a relaxing and external skin detox that is incredibly beneficial during the cleanse as toxins tend to surface through the skin. A few points about the treatment:

  • Includes a scrub, wrap, and massage, and is intended to restore balance and well-being to the body.  
  • Acts to counter the negative impacts of stress and provide a detox from the toxic, polluted environment in which we often spend our time.
  • Focuses on the profound benefits of therapeutic touch on the body.

Let’s talk about your colon

The colonics, or Colon Hydrotherapy, provides hydration to the body and washes toxic materials from the colon.

While the colon is not always a preferred conversation topic, colon cleansing is in fact a safe, natural way to remove colonic waste, purify your body, and increase overall health. Deer Lake Lodge considers the ritual so important that it  recommends a colon cleanse for each day of your stay.

deer lake colonic
Deer Lake Colonic

Why visit Deer Lake Lodge?

Deer Lake Lodge offers a peaceful yet indulgent getaway and helps visitors take control of their health and wellness once and for all. It is much more than your average luxury spa, it is truly a place of customizable regeneration. Every aspect of your stay at Deer Lake lodge will contribute to your wellness experience, from the room decor and organic bedding right down to the knowledgeable staff who will treat you with the utmost respect and care.

Let go and release your inner hippie, it will do your body a world of good. 

deer lake hiking
Gone hiking

Special thanks to the Deer Lake Lodge for facilitating this trip.
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