Basking in the Light: Solar Powered Devices and Appliances for Your Home and Travel

In the majority of the United States, citizens pay an average of 90 to 120 dollars per month on electricity alone.1 With air conditioning units, refrigerators, and charging all sorts of devices, the monthly cost could turn into a terrible burden. But this summer (and year round), thanks to the wide variety of solar powered products on the market, you can save both money and energy by taking advantage of the sun’s rays with one of these 6 great new solar powered devices.

Solar Powered Backpack

For those of you who just can’t get enough of the outdoors, here’s a green energy source to keep all your devices working on the go! These backpacks collect solar energy as you hike, turning it into a useable power source for your phone and other devices. If you’re looking for a great solar day hike backpack, try ECEEN’s solar backpack line on Amazon, offering various models of packs. The company even boasts solar cells that have a 22% transfer rate into your devices, leading to a faster charge all from free natural energy.

ECEEN Hiking Backpack 

Solar Cooker

Avoid using all those polluting grill energy sources like propane or coal this summer, and use the sun itself to grill your food! There are various designs for solar cookers that you can find online, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Three different main design categories exist for a solar cooker: the solar oven, the panel cooker, and the parabolic solar cooker. Out of the three, the cheapest and easiest to assemble is the panel cooker, which uses curved or angled mirrors to direct sunlight into a main chamber to create heat. Products like the Sunflair’s Portable Solar Oven and Fondchy’s Portable Solar Cooker use this technique to cook a meal on a temperate day in 2 to 4 hours, costing absolutely nothing for fuel.

Sunflair's Portable Solar Oven
Sunflair’s Portable Solar Oven
Fondchy’s Portable Solar Cooker

Solar Powered Fan

Sometimes a fan’s light breeze is all you need while relaxing outside, but having to use extension cords to actually bring one with you can be too much of a hassle. Save yourself the energy, money and all that hassle by switching over to a solar powered fan! There are many shapes and sizes available for these types of fans, some including built in solar panels, while others come with attachable solar cells. For your next camping trip, considering bringing the YingliSolar fan system. The system includes a 15 W solar panel with an attachable fan, that can also charge other devices through a USB port. Using clean energy, you can now bring a breeze with you everywhere you go.

cowin YINGLISOLAR Solar Fan System
YINGLISOLAR Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan System

Solar Lantern

Most ordinary camping lanterns use countless batteries that only last a day or two. So to avoid buying all those expensive batteries, don’t forget to bring a solar powered lantern along on your next camping trip! Some camping lanterns, such as the SUAOKI camping lantern can even charge devices in addition to lighting up, adding more utility to what would normally be a small light source. This same camping lantern can collapse down when you’re hiking, and fully charges in a matter of hours. Such a cheap product uses clean solar energy, and takes up even less space than an ordinary lantern.

SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern Lights: Rechargeable Battery , Collapsible Flashlight

Solar Powered Blue Tooth Speaker

For those out there who always find their blue tooth speakers dying, now you can charge them anywhere you go! The Eton Rugged Rukus is a perfect example of the audio quality power that still can exist with a natural clean energy source powering it. This speaker’s internal battery boasts up to 8 hours of life, and can also charge your phone as it plays. Requiring no energy from your outlets or USB ports, you’ll find yourself saving money from energy over time, just from listening to your favorite music!

Eton Rugged Rukus 


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