All the Wellness Things to Do In LA

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When traveling for work or play, there is a priority and strong emphasis on creating moments of enjoyment and rejuvenation. I am California bound every year for an annual conference I attend and speak at. After the work is done, the fun and self care can begin! Los Angeles and it’s surrounding cities are regarded as a stronghold city immersed in the latest in wellness, urban hiking, and rejuvenating rituals. At the same time, there is the fun and childlike enthusiasm of exploring the world of Hollywood and celebrityville. It can be challenging with a limited time scope to get everything in, especially taking into account LA traffic. So it is imperative to choose wisely, plan accordingly and efficiently with those factors in mind.

CheapOair has been a reliable source over the years for finding last minute and affordable airfare for me. Figuring out and deciding what to do during any trip can be daunting. CheapoAir now hopes to make that task a little bit easier with their new video series “Things to Do”. It provides an insight to the hidden gems and notable aspects of destination cities. You can check out Things to Do Los Angeles episode here.

Top Three Must Dos in LA

Beach Sunset in LA

Hiking: Fitness, Wellness, and Nature Combined
Of course everyone does Runyon Canyon Park. It is the quintessential Los Angeles hiking destination. This year I hope to tackle Bee Rock which is on the east side of Griffith Park. What makes this interesting is that it is near an old, abandoned Zoo. The entire trail is roughly 3 miles and gives me an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, invite a few friends for quality time, and work out at the same time. So it takes care of three necessary aspects of my day/trip and allows me time to get into the rest of my to dos.

Food is Life
It is absolutely imperative that I partake in the best sustenance LA has to offer. With an emphasis on plant based cuisine, finding balance with foodie gluttony and elevated wellness shots will make for a well-rounded experience. An absolute must stops during every LA trip is Sage Bistro and Erewhon. While some may regard Erewhon as hoity-toity, their commitment to high-quality, organic, and well combined nutrition makes it an easy go to for Grab & Go juices, smoothies, and wellness drinks shots. Do not skip brunch at Sage Bistro as there are plenty of wonderful options that I never forget.

There are a ton of new eateries that open monthly that deserve a visit. One of the easiest ways to experience more than one on any given day is to go to 2-3 happy hours that have a food menu. It provides an opportunity to experience several, smaller bites (sometimes full meals) at a reduced cost.

Hermosa Beach Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market
The joy LA farmers market brings me is almost inexplicable. The first must find is Harry’s Berries exquisite heirloom strawberries. You have not had a real strawberry until you’ve had them. After my first bite, I raved about it for days on end inviting anyone into the experience of the quality and enjoyment. Next up is Oro Blanco grapefruit. By far a super fruit for it’s lower acidity point and sweetness, I intend to ship a box home to enjoy my love affair with LA citrus a tad longer.

While this is certainly not all I’ll be doing, the above list encompasses my absolute must haves during an LA adventure. Here’s to food, friends, spa days, and finding those niche, city gems in all our future travels.

Yoli Ouiya

Yoli Ouiya is a spokesperson, consultant and speaker on sustainability initiatives. Yoli is an omnipresent part of the Green movement. She has been dubbed the “Queen of Green”, noting her function as the go-to social media presence for everything “green”.