Mary Marsan

Mary Marsan is a quirky, curious, and spunky young writer who will gladly ditch the high and low roads to wander freely and more than occasionally hug trees along the way. She is a devoted yoga teacher, well-seasoned veteran of vegan diet, fashion, and lifestyle, and an enthusiastic practitioner of holistic and natural health and wellness. As a lover of all things DIY, she believes that the best- and most fun- way to live in love with the earth is to dig in, explore, and get a little messy along the way. With her passion, experience, and love for all things holistic, healthy, and eco-friendly combined, Mary writes to share inspiration and insight for practical, powerful, and chic green living.

Jeff Nunner

Jeff Nunner is a multilingual project management professional who focuses on the translation and advertising industries. When he’s not travelling for work, he’s travelling for pleasure, living like a local in the world’s urban areas and seaside towns. Jeff enjoys post-impressionist and abstract art, photography, typography, cartography, and other ographies.


Angela Bronner Helm is a journalist with over 18 years experience as an editor, writer and teacher. She was a founding editor of Honey magazine, and began her career as an editorial assistant at The Source (she’s also known to some as DJ Jela). Angela has also worked at The Village Voice,, amNewYork, and most recently as Editor in Chief of Uptown magazine. She is a board member of the Black AIDS Institute and has been a longtime resident of Harlem with her husband and two kiddos (one (drama?) teen, one little guy). Angela loves learning about all things green, alternative healing, urban gardening, and an all around eco-friendly, yet funky, lifestyle.

Colin Wright

Colin Wright is an environmental organizer and educator with a background in water quality, wind energy, community farming, and herbal medicine. Colin studied renewable resource management at Yukon College in northwest Canada. As an Environment Officer for Kluane First Nation—an autonomous indigenous community in the region—he learned how to farm in the northern climate of Canada from village elders, developed a wind energy program, and worked to protect heritage lands. He later researched the effect of melting permafrost on Northern infrastructure with the Yukon Research Centre. Currently, Colin is an Urban Farm Educator at the 40,000-square foot environmentally-sustainable garden and outdoor classroom at Randall's Island Park in New York City where he introduces urban youth to the joys of growing food and wonders of herbal medicine. Colin has completed an apprenticeship in herbalism, and studied under the prominent herbalist and author Robin Rose Bennett. He also volunteers as the coordinator of the 15th floor rooftop garden at Breaking Ground, a supportive housing community in Times Square, and teaches classes on herbalism in New York.

Martin Ramirez

Martin Ramirez is a writer that hails from the Lone Star state and is usually involved in anything food, film, or fitness. His inability to sit still has taken him from road trips across the American Midwest to the beaches of Africa and the sands of the Middle East. You'll find him at every Marvel movie debut or food event in Dallas with a cold Shiner in hand. From corporate and military lifestyle to the joys of indie freelancing, Martin seeks the fruits of life in discovering local eateries, long running trails, or simply enjoying an evening with his family at home with Masterchef or Anthony Bourdain on Hulu. Texan. Marine. Writer. Runner. Taco enthusiast. Luchadore in training. Future Captain America candidate. Oorah

Shomaila Issam

Shomaila Issam is a modern-age, young and motivating freelance health and fitness writer with over 5 years of experience in the health field. With knowledge in medicine and psychology, she has written a myriad of articles on healthy and organic living, physical fitness, exercise, yoga, martial arts and meditation. She has also contributed to numerous reputable sites and has written over thousands of articles associated with diseases, injuries and their treatments.

Christine McDaniel

Christine McDaniel is a certified Yoga Instructor and teacher where her passion for alternative therapies spreads across a path of holistic health. Having been raised in many modalities of healing, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Kinesiology and Food as Medicine, Christine has gained insight into a wider variety of environmental factors and influences that can interrupt our health and wellbeing. She has travelled and taught in various parts of North America, Thailand and Australia, sharing her deep passionate connection to the yoga practice. She earned her BA in art and American Sign Language from Columbia College Chicago. Christine currently lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. When she’s not teaching (and practicing), she can be found creating raw desserts, modeling for life drawing classes, hunting for exotic fruits, exploring in nature, collecting pods and immersing herself in anything that promotes growth and creativity.